Guide for verifier

An organisation may choose to have a verifier.  A verifier is a person/s who is trained to verify the identity documents in line with the ID checking guidelines for DBS check applications issued by the Disclosure & Barring Service.  This should be an employer or an individual nominated by the organisation’s Management.

Caring Hands Charity must have details of designated verifiers from each organisation prior to processing DBS applications.

We can provide basic training for the nominated individuals regarding identity checking and completing DBS application form if required.

What documents must be provided by the applicant

The person going through a DBS check (the applicant) must show the original documents (not copies) to the person who will be verifying their documents.

We suggest the verifier request the following documents to view, if the applicant can provide them:

  1. Passport (any current and valid passport);

  2. Valid current driving licence (full or provisional) – UK, Isle of Man, Channel Islands and EU;

  3. A document with National Insurance number included on it (e.g. payslip, NI letter, P45, P60 etc.);

  4. A recent official document showing your current address (e.g. utility bill, financial statement etc.);

  5. If the applicant does not have a valid passport or driving licence they should follow DBS guidance using the list of groups 1, 2a and 2b documents.

How to verify documents

1.   Verify the applicant’s identity by following the ID checking guidelines for DBS check applications .

2.   All original verified documents must be photocopied. All photocopies should be of good quality.

3.   Each photocopy must be signed: 

“I, (name), confirm that I have seen the original document and confirm that these relate to the named individual.
Signature / Printed Name / Date

Note: use your company stamp on all documents. if you do not have a stamp then please include:

Company name
Address & Telephone number”

Completing the DBS application form

Please complete DBS application form Section 'W' 'Evidence of identiy':  'W58: name of evidence checker' (full name) and 'W59: have you established the true identity of the applicant...?'.

Please view the guide for applicants to help you complete the DBS application form.

If you need a training in completing application forms please see Completing the DBS application form: e-guide .

Please contact us for any assistance and advice.

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