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Caring Hands Charity
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Supporting Independence and Quality of Life of Older and Disabled People

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How We Help

The Difference We Make

Better Daily Living

We can offer you options which can help to maintain and /or improve how you manage day to day with those everyday things which may be getting a little more difficult.  Helping you to remain in your home for longer, feeling safe and comfortable, these options have been identified as important.


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Advice and Advocacy

All advice is impartial and completely confidential.

The Welfare Benefits Advice service is free of charge.  Our independent advisors can help with benefit applications, that can be quite daunting.  Often a small increase in basic costs can push a person into the poverty trap, we are here to help remove this worry.  

First Stop Advice and Signposting is exactly what it says!  We're here to answer your queries and offer you information on some supporting organisations that could benefit your situation. We will try our best to help and at the least, give you choices to consider.


It would be a pleasure to help if you'd like a little company.  We have carefully selected and thoroughly vetted some lovely volunteers, who are waiting to visit people at home, in hospital or care settings and over the phone. Sometimes a little extra is needed and we are lucky enough to have second year degree students who can offer a personal counselling service for that one to one support if needed. We are hoping that our groups will be active soon as this part of wellbeing has had a very positive impact on reducing loneliness over the years.


Friends On A Walk
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