Legal Requirements of the Caring Hands Charity DBS application process

Your organisation agrees to comply with the following:
• Your organisation must have a Policy On Employing Ex-offenders (see sample Policy On Employing Ex-offenders) and show it to any applicant who asks for it.

• Your organisation is responsible for ensuring that the position, whether voluntary or employed, is eligible under the Guide to Eligibility for DBS Checks before submitting to Caring Hands for countersigning.

• If your organisation has a person who is trained to verify the identity documents, they must follow ID Checking Guidelines for DBS Check Applications and comply with Caring Hands Charity Guide for verifier.

• Your organisation must comply with Data Protection Act.

• Caring Hands Charity is a registered umbrella organisation and follows the Code of Practice for Disclosure and Barring Service Registered Persons.

• Personal information will not be passed on to any third party.