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    Bottle In The Fridge

    This service is on hold until further notice.

    The Bottle In The Fridge (BIF) scheme is provided free of charge by Caring Hands Charity, to vulnerable adults living in Newcastle upon Tyne area.

    Should an accident or sudden illness occur, the pack alerts the emergency services to important information such as, medical conditions, current medication, emergency contact name and telephone number. The information helps the emergency services to deal quickly and efficiently with an emergency situation should it arise.

    The pack consists of a bottle, a Personal Information form and green and white emergency data link stickers, which are unique to the scheme, these are recognised by the emergency services.

    What do you have to do?

    1. Complete the form in biro pen.
    2. Attach a photo of the person to the form for ease of identification.
    3. Attach a copy of the tear off information from a repeat prescription to the form and keep it updated.
    4. Regularly update the form with any new information such as, change of medication.

    A Few Simple Steps To Follow:

    • Place the completed form (s) in the plastic container provided.
    • Store the container in the fridge.
    • Put a green sticker on the outside of the fridge and do not cover it.
    • Put the other sticker inside the hallway near the front door, where it can be easily seen, eg. above the light switch.
    • If more than one member of the household suffers from an illness or allergy, all forms can be kept inside one container, each form must have a small photograph attached.
    • A copy of the form can also be kept in the person’s wallet or handbag to carry with them if they go out.

    Please view or download an Information Sheet to help you with BIF pack.

    If you would like to update your medical or personal information, you can download a Personal Information form here. Please remember to attach a copy of the tear off information from a repeat prescription.

    How To Get A BIF Pack:

    We recommend that you contact your GP in the first instance to request your BIF pack, if your Doctor does not hold a stock of bottles then please contact us with the details of your Medical Centre so that we can offer them fresh supplies.

    You can also contact us directly to collect a BIF pack from our office.

    Please note:  We supply stocks to Newcastle upon Tyne area ONLY.

    For further information please contact us by telephone, in person or by email.