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    Sorry, this service is not being offered at this time.  Our Handyman might be delivery shopping or other tasks, but he’s not able to enter your home at this time.

    The Handyman service is available free of charge to elderly and disabled people living in the East End of Newcastle only. All donations are gratefully accepted. From October 2019 we are increasing our administration fee for the service from £5.00 to £8.00.

    ‘Safety in the home’ is one of the main aims of this particular service. A spent light bulb at the top of the stairs, a loose piece of carpet or a dangerously unsteady shelf, these are all potential hazards and these are the household repairs that would be a priority for our handyman.

    The demand for this service is high and so requests are placed onto a list and will be dealt with in date order, unless special circumstances apply. The Handyman must assess each ‘Job’ prior to agreeing to carry out the work. Although there is no charge for this service, all materials must be provided by the client.

    Work we consider carrying out could include: Painting (emulsion, undercoat and gloss), Garden Tidy-ups and Small Household Repairs. This list is not exhaustive and clients who require more information should contact us.

    Work that will not be considered will include any job that requires a qualified person such as: An Electrical Engineer, A Heating and Ventilating Engineer, A Carpenter or Joiner etc. Some ‘Jobs’ will not be carried out if there are health and safety issues.

    For further information please contact us by telephone, in person or by email.

    Helpful Links

    There are a number of organisations which may offer further support as below:

    MEARS Group: www.mearsgroup.co.uk

    Newcastle Disability Forum: www.ndf.org.uk

    Newcastle Society for the blind: www.nsbp.co.uk

    SSAFA Forces Help: www.ssafa.org.uk