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    Laundry Collection

    We are still providing this service for as long as we are able.  Volunteers will knock, step away from the door and your laundry can be left outside the door for them to collect safely. Our volunteers will be following the Government guidelines at all times, please do not be offended if they step away.

    We will collect laundry from your home, wash, dry, fold and deliver it back on the same day. The Laundry service is one of our core services which is available for elderly and disabled people.

    We operate mainly in the Ouseburn Ward of Newcastle, but can arrange to collect from some areas east of the city. We have recently added Freeman Hospital as a collection point.

    We provide this service every Wednesday and use our very own Community Launderette in Shieldfield. Individuals can be placed onto a weekly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly rota, depending on their need.

    A volunteer will collect laundry from your home starting at around 8.30am, then they’ll deliver it back after 2pm on the same day.

    We try to keep prices as low as possible and the charge for this service is £5.00 for a regular wash and £7.00 for a large wash, this includes soap powder, a standard wash, dry, fold and transport within the Ouseburn Ward. The transport charge may increase for collections east of the Ward area.

    We provide one laundry bag free of charge, to be filled comfortably, but able to fully close so volunteers can handle easily. (Additional or replacement bags can be purchased for £1.00 each.)

    Unfortunately we are unable to collect soiled items (urine or faeces) as we do not have the equipment to deal with these items.

    Individuals can apply by themselves or relatives, carers, professional and voluntary agencies can access this service on their behalf, in all cases we would not begin any service without the agreement of the person directly requiring support.

    Application forms are available from the office and they can be completed over the telephone if necessary.

    For further information please contact us by telephone, in person or by email.