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    A variety of donated books are available to borrow.

    You can join the service by completing a short form in our office. If you live in the local area and are unable to visit the office due to a medical condition, we may be able to deliver books to you, this needs to be arranged through office staff and should be mentioned at the initial enquiry stage.

    You will be issued with a number and each book borrowed will be recorded against your number, when the book is returned the date will be recorded against each book as proof of return.

    There is no time limit on the return of the books (within reason). As a matter of procedure, if we haven’t heard from you within a two months period or someone else wants to borrow the books, then we’ll probably give you a courtesy call just to verify that the books are still in use and allow you more time to finish what you’re reading.

    The library is based at the Caring Hands Office. The small stock of books is situated in the main office and our ‘open door’ policy means we’ll be open over the lunch period so you don’t have to arrange a special time to use the service.

    For further information please contact us by telephone, in person or by email.