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    Lunch Club

    Sorry but this service is not available until further notice.  If you need support for delivery of lunches, you would like a phone chat or you need some support with shopping and other tasks, please ring or email us, we are still here to help.

    Fancy good company, a friendly face and a hot meal… time to join our Lunch Club which is held every Tuesday between 11.30am and 3.00pm in Christ Church Hall in Shieldfield.

    Our friendly volunteers are here to help from the moment you arrive to the moment you leave.

    Please be advised, we are not a day centre, therefore we are unable to offer personal care and one to one support.

    Lunch Club members enjoy a nourishing two course meal cooked locally. Refreshments are served throughout the day. There’s always background music to enjoy.

    We’ll try our best to arrange transport to and from the Lunch Club, if you can’t manage to get in yourself.

    Entertainment at the Lunch Club includes:

    • Bingo (we can provide LARGE print bingo sheets if required).
    • Lottery bonus ball numbers.
    • Dominoes and cards are supplied for any member wishing to play.

    Of course it’s your choice, if you want to pay for additional entertainment then that’s fine, if not, then that’s fine too.

    A two course meal including tea and coffee is £3.00. There is a subscription charge of 50p per week, which along with proceeds from the raffles and bingo held at the club, go towards the Lunch Club Funds. The members discuss what the funds will be used for and Caring Hands Charity office will help with booking any events on their behalf.

    Members are requested to inform the Caring Hands Charity office if they are not attending Lunch Club session prior to 10.00am of the cancelled Tuesday either by calling on 0191 261 5234 themselves or by asking a friend or relative to inform us.

    If a Member is returning to Lunch Club after a long absent e.g. a holiday, hospital, etc. please inform us prior to 10.00am of the returning Tuesday and will be able to order a lunch meal for you. They can either call on 0191 261 5234 themselves or by asking a friend or relative to inform us.