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Laundry Collection and Delivery

We will collect laundry from your home, wash, dry, fold and deliver it back on the same day. The Laundry service is one of our core services which is available for elderly and disabled people.

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More Than a Collection

This is a chance to pop in and check on someones wellbeing.  Our volunteers take their role very seriously, this is a weekly check on the health and safety of someone in their home.  We have details of emergency contacts in case of an emergency and although it is not often, we have had need to use these in the past.

We may be the only person that our member sees in a week, we can offer a quick hello and take note of any issues that may have come up in that week, are they saying they're lonely? would they like company? can we offer them further supports?  All of these issues can become overwhelming if  there is no-one to share with.

Our volunteers and staff complete safeguarding training to help them spot the signs of problems.

We share information with members, what's happening in the community, various support agencies and services aimed at older people that they wish to investigate further. 

So this is more than a wash a week service.

Details of the Service

We provide this service every Wednesday and use our very own Community Launderette in Shieldfield. Individuals can be placed onto a weekly, 2 weekly or 4 weekly rota, depending on their need. A volunteer will collect laundry from your home starting at around 8.30am, then they'll deliver it back after 2pm on the same day.

Individuals, relatives, carers, and/or professional and voluntary agencies can access this service on someones behalf, in all cases we would not begin any service without the agreement of the person directly requiring support.

Forms are available from the office, they can be completed over the telephone, or send us an email, whatever is easiest for you.


Our Subsidised Pricing For
Laundry Collection and Delivery

To Collect, Wash Dry, Fold and Deliver back to your door, prices are as follows;

Regular Size Service  £5.00

Larger Size Service    £7.00

Prices include soap powder and transport charge of £1.00 within the Ouseburn Ward.

The transport charge will increase depending on the mileage used.
We provide one laundry bag free of charge, to be filled comfortably, but able to fully close so volunteers can handle easily. (Additional or replacement bags can be purchased for £1.00 each.)

We aim to keep our charges as low as possible for our more vulnerable members of the community, this is only possible with financial support from our funders and the Community Launderette in addition to the increasing physical volunteer input. Prices may change due to rising costs, but we try to update as soon as these are identified.

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