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About Us

When We Began

Established in 1992 and registered 1994 Caring Hands is proud to be an established part of the community, helping older vulnerable people to live independently.  We are a point of contact for many people who directly and indirectly need our support and we are very proud of what we have to offer.  Our positive impact is thanks to the help of our dedicated volunteers, staff and the people we support in the local  community. At the heart of charity lies our ability develop core projects in  response to listening to vulnerable people living in Newcastle upon Tyne. Our Aim is to make a meaningful difference in the lives of others.

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Our Story

The true ownership of this charity belongs with the local community, as a consequence of this, we have adopted a process of constant informal conversations with our beneficiaries and stakeholders to identify their wants and needs. From its inception, Caring Hands has been based on identifying need by listening to the issues faced by people and acting as a catalyst to address provision of appropriate support.

Our Vision

With our support, the most vulnerable members of our community, will enjoy a high quality of life, sustained independence and remain valued and active in their community if they wish to do so.

Our volunteers are key to providing help through services, we will continue to recruit, train and retain these generous individuals and groups.

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