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Handyman and Gardening

This service can be accessed by frail older and disabled people in need who live in the

East End of Newcastle upon Tyne

The Tasks We Can Help With


Garden tidy ups are carried out to keep access routes open and to help maintain a manageable garden.

Small Repairs

A small repair could be a safety issue, tacking a loose carpet down, fitting a new light bulb or even shifting to contents of a cupboard for ease of access so no climbing for items.


Painting walls, doors and skirting boards.  Cleaning up the decor so people can enjoy their surroundings  

Charges for the Handyman Service

This is a free service to those beneficiaries who match the criteria.  We provide the labour and you provide the equipment.  There is an administration fee of £8.00 per task and we are happy to accept  all donations from our grateful users. 

​Please contact us directly for further detailed information on criteria. area and tasks.

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