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Chats and Visits

Better known by some as 'Befriending' this service depends on the support of our trained volunteers. Our visitors provide a friendly face and welcome company to vulnerable older people who live mainly in the East End of Newcastle upon Tyne.

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How the Service Works

Initial visits will be arranged by the Co-ordinator. Once people have been ‘matched’ with each other a date is booked to begin visits, The service has developed over many years this has resulted in both individual and visitor agreeing further visits and this is then administered by the office. 

Hospital visits may be arranged as a matter of urgency, especially if relatives are finding it difficult to attend during the advised visiting hours.

We can arrange for a telephone call to people at home, maybe it’s just a friendly voice or a reminder that someone is listening. Whatever the reason this telephone service can be initiated quite quickly, unfortunately the service can only be administered during our opening hours.

There is currently a huge demand for the visiting service, so there will be a waiting period, but we will keep you updated on the progress of 'matching' people.

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Volunteers Needed

There is currently a huge demand for the visiting service and we are always recruiting top class volunteers.

If you, or anyone you know would be interested in joining our team, please get in touch by email or view our full contact details

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